Creation destruction

Metropolis - Fritz Lang 1927

Metropolis - Fritz Lang 1927


Yesterday evening the Ameland playground was completely re-decorated!

ZeMoo at the Robodock Festival brought me in a heavy Fritz Lang mood with it´s mountain high steaming fantasy machines. There where fires, boiling steel and hight voltage utilities – all beautifully sculpted and scripted. Everything was swimming, so to speak, in strong dark beats. The DFM crew left a cut in half avatar, bleeding to death on the floor that’s what happens if robots take over…

Luun Xue, Brok and myself

Luun Xue, Brok and myself

When I got home re-thinking the scene in Amelander tranquility, I met this heavely armed visitor. Maybe it was not a good moment for a wrong keystroke when I adressed him with Broke in stead of Brok. Anyway the conversation ended up rather one-sided. He calling me a Faget and queer and threat to shut down the island… kill me and my loved ones etc. It got interesting from a developers angle when he taxied a friend for what they called The Particle Storm.

Griefers un-leash a particle storm

Griefers un-leash a particle storm

This was realy amazing! I saw the sunny side of this technique in a demo at Herman Bergson´s place, my brutal visitors showed me the grim side of it. For about 15 minutes they perform a apocalyptic dance, spraying me with their Aids spray, un-leashed their woodblocks and Super Mario´s all over the place. I especially liked the woodblocks dancing in the sky on deafening Hilly Billy music. In the heat of the violent orgy they even sprayed the pest on each other and a few minutes later they got bored, expressed their utter contemn and left.

It made me think about Dylan Thomas, in his Laugharne heaven and his alcoholic New York hell. I thouhgt about the almost extincted Red-backed shrike – Lanius collurio, and its habit to pin down screaming mice on Bobwire as victuals. I´m so full of shit I thought, spoke with FreeWee Ling about the incident. Freewee’s creator had a bread in the oven on that precice moment, I imagined the flavor of freshly baked bread somewhere in the early American morning and went to bed.


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