Wolk’s laboratory

connected drifters

connected drifters


Last night Wolk Writer and I had a little talk about Ameland and the future of the project. Wolk is the central 3D artist on Ameland, and she complained about the lack of activities on the island. Apart from Peli Dieterle’s dynamic column and our joined project “Singing Sand Hoppers” she would like to see some more art projects.  I told her that Archipel is a whole lot bigger than this heap of sand, told her about Do Whybrow’s and Ookoi… and that we are just starting etc. Personally I’m not at all disappointed in the way Ameland develops, think that we made the best out of the limitations.

This morning the island was enchanting and tranquil and Wolk left a pear of her intriguing objects slowly drifting and spinning around. Ohh no Wolk, Ameland up until now is just a start… you wait and see!


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  1. Do Whybrow on

    It’s in the air!
    😉 Do

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