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Winter times

Cees vd Oever and Timo Mank, Den Burg Texel

Cees vd Oever and Timo Mank 1979/1980


There is something sentimental in the air, Sunneklaas, X-mas, New Year, the low light and the icy winds. I hit uppon an old photo, here you see my creator and a good friend of his Cees vd Oever. They didn’t take much pictures in those days and screenshots where unknown to them, it was a real down to earth fysical winter, long time before my birth.

They are standing in a place called Den Burg on the Wadden island of Texel, it looks pretty cold with snow and ice everywhere. Timo has his favorite binoculars around his neck, a Brenner 10 X 40 he seems nicely tucked away in his pilot overall, Cees has no optical device on hand, he was less fanatic when it comes to birds and bird watching. The picture is taken by his brother Martin vd Oever. They formed a small group together with guys like Kees van Oorde, Jan de Die and Kees Mosterd. They where always on islands and coasts making observations, entering the unknown sphere of the blank early morning beach at low tide: to be the first ones in the freshly fallen snow!

Its exactly this magic atmosphere resonating through the whole idea of Archipel. In fact they where the first Archipelists, although this concept had to be formed much later and they had to find the medium and vehicle for this kind of fantasies.