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Virtual sight seeing is a hobby of mine. Tonight I went from Herman Bergson´s dunes simulator to Hannes Breda´s new coasts of Terrazo. Hannes did a good job with broad flowing waves and bumpy sea shores, salty spay´s and breakers all over the place… anyway it makes me think about Caspar David Friedrich, in some way it has a heroic touch.



Cross reality II

found arts

found arts


This photo art piece was recently left on Ameland by two Art Month visitors. In November 2008 We talked in the rl-gallery and I showed them virtual Ameland. Now their avatars came back to Ameland and left this remarkable exhibition piece!

The freaky beach installation was build by  Saskia Boelsums & Peter Veen. I know the lady is naked  …but she play’s the organ well…

Cross reality

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There are several recent sightings of a female Luzon Water-redstart  (Rhyacornis bicolor) at Do´s Exploratory on Ameland. The bird is not shy and is often heard singing from the top of a Black Lace Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) who happens to grow there.

Dr. Do whybrow herself made a beautiful sketch of the site and confirmed the determination. This is the first sighting of this rare vagant on the island.

visit Picasa for the report