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Miniature Ameland III



The thing with Secondlife is that it´s extremely dynamic. On May 18th I stood on a bright green shore, letting my little sheep graze, even reflect on the idea of a happy miniature shepherd to go with them, playing his flute in the long warm evening.

Today I got mail from Hannes Breda that he had to move Miniature Ameland to a “better” spot… And look what I found there, my whole lush, fertile island turned into a bare rock!



Cross reality III



On May 11th ETA killed agent Juan Manuel Pinuel. They hanged his portait at the memorial gathering this week in Legutiano. I found this sad picture at the NRC foreign news pages (notice the unhealthy and death trees).


Miniature Ameland II



Since early May the Archipel Foundation is participating in Miniature Ameland as a promotional exhibition and visitors hub. How dreary would this lovely island be without Miniature sheep?

Miniature Ameland



last night i had a meeting with Joja Dhara and Hannes Breda about Hannes ´s meta-sim. A great idea, some sort of visitors hub, where land owners can represent their sim in miniature. Nice way to generate visitors.

Creation destruction II

scene from 4Jetpacks4


Last night I had a chat with Evo Szuyuan. She just finished 4Jetpacks4 a machinima production she did with The Virtual Art Initiative. Again we meet people in a apocaliptic setting, scientists demonstrate a new technique called “organic transmutation”. And again death and destruction falls upon them all… This is not realy my cup of thea, but look how this little movie was made, the details, the movement of the camera and the way distortion, thunder storms and atmospheric effects are applied.

Ok suddenly Ameland feels a bit to clean a bit to tidy. See for yourself and grab your Jetpacks

Birding II



here you see how Dr. Do Whybrow and I approached the Great Northern Diver (Gavia immer) at Ameland, to get some details straigt about the mould paterns visible in this bird. There was a litle discussion about the  exact status, but we soon came to the conclusion that it was without doubt an adult bird in summer plumage.

Dasein as design



This is a great reading. The philosopher Henk Oosterling about our current onthological position, as artists, information managers and meta-workers.