Virtual protest II



Protest is in the air, when I first set foot at virtual Ameland, it was clean empty and tranquil. There was only the sea the wind and the sands, I remember the absolute silence (the Atmo sound-boxes with the rustle of the waves had to be placed). Today the gulls fly and we build that specific salty atmosphere that you find at ramshackle harbours and costal zones, all mixed with successful and less successful projects. Various artist, activists, tramps and tourists are now active on Ameland… all imbued with love for this hypothetical “Wadden” domain.

And here we have the NAM planning to drill for gas, right in the centre of our island, this crazy fact hardened our resistance. Some of us want to remove the offshore drilling platform to Terschelling, others prefer a rapid transition to solar power, all these entangled socio-political topics roam through my dreams. Reports from huge up rise in Iran reach us, the waste of fossil fuels like oil, and natural gas, the almost empty cars in traffic jams, the financial crises, the ecological collaps, sea level rise, global warming and so on, and so on.

We where thrown out of paradise and now all this cross-reality mess make my head spin! Shure I´m protesting! A yell from the 80´s chants through my toughts: DROP THE BOMB, DROP THE BOMB, but I want to create an utopian paradise on our server so please keep the power supply steady and let us all stream.

Demonstration in Teheran / Iran



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