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landscapes II

haglet on litter box island


again Caspar David Friedrich. Saw some amazing paintings of Friedrich when we visited the Hermitage Saint Petersburg early this month. For the up coming Art Month Ameland I prepare a “Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer” action called In A Landscape. Rebecca Rozen made me a beautiful walking-stick and Wouter Collas scripted the pose, carefully observing the reproduction from Wikipedia .

So… in the near future we may expect to find haglet on cliffs and highlands, skimming the various Secondlife universes, in search for a suitable location for his lonely deed of enacting. Tonight he paid a visit to Litter Box Island and tested his competency on a small elevation. The landscape over there is dominated by empty highway´s and an Atlantic Wall with all sorts of fortifications facing the sea, but it was peaceful and quiet when haglet stood there and collected his observations.