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Voodoo Machinery



Why for Gods sake do you keep a model of an offshore drilling platform in your sim? being a land owner you can delete it or return it to its builders with just one keystroke… SHAME, You must get rid of it as soon as possible! etc.

Many avatars are a confused when they visit the gas rig at the edge of the sim. They are even more confused when they find out that I build the platform with my own hands. That is, together with herman Bergson, who kindly provided the scripted parts like the drilling mechanism and the crane. I build the platform and the rig chamber, the tower, the pumps, generator and the toilet for the crew and I made all those sound files humming, scratching and drumming. It was a sickening job and it lasted for weeks.

The installation is a statement, because I am the real danger for mankind and you are, we all are. The question of innocence inevitably begs the question of guilt, that was the motivation behind this cranky gas drilling platform. How could I possibly build this lovely, dream loaded Virtual Ameland without the dark side of reality and it´s horrors, it would be like paradise without the snake…

On the operating floor, there are three levers, with the black one you start the diesel engine and the generator, the green one starts the drilling mechanism and the pipe chuck… with the red controls the pipe crane. The drilling fluid is pumped right into the sea – like in the old days.

Perhaps you’re not in too much of a hurry; maybe you’ll have some time to spare, you come and sit here on this rusty operating floor and play with these levers, there is an old chair over there… Your thoughts start to enrol, planning your actions and your time; work preoccupations; financial anxieties; domestic problems; sexual fantasies. You contemplate your ageing face, what can you do about it? You think about the latest scandal. Actually, you never see the difference before or after a scandal… but what else is there to think about? Eliminate those thoughts, and you’ll agree there’s not much left, accept playing with these levers and the humming and the drumming of the drill underneath you.


Virtual protest III



roos Gartner and I at the alert stand in the Virtual Holland sim. This is the statement at the notecard: “The eco avatars of Ameland need your help! Netherlands Oil Company (NAM) is preparing a new drilling site right in the center of the island. Recently placed on the World Heritage List by Unesco for its great natural beauty, the Wadden Sea should be protected from industrial development.

Spread the word and PROTEST!


Voodoo Dances



On June 13 2009 we did the first of an expected Voodoo streaming series. Voodoo is a West African word meaning ‘spirit’. The basic ethos of the religion is that everything in the universe is connected. Nothing happens by chance in this world, and there are no accidents. Everything that you do to one person you are doing to yourself, because you are that person.

Maybe that intriguing concept is useful to exorcize the NAM (Nederlandse Aarolie Maatschappij). Maybe we can stop this whole crazy gas drilling idea, right on a beautiful island full of art and nature. We know that there will be subsidence, the scientists are disputing about the exact amount, the intertidal mud flats are lowering and the dynamic system is supposed to compensate… and if not, the government has “de hand aan de kraan” (the hand on the tap) as they called their idiotic political compromise.

How shall the industrial development of this heaven on earth affects the future visitor, a visitor that is increasingly well informed and keen on getting maximum relaxation in their spare time? Ameland is not the only island on earth, remember people have broad options.


The drilling



The offshore drilling platform in the North Sea in the vicinity of Ameland. Day and night drilling for natural gas, risking subsidence and loss of inter tidal area.


Virtual protest II



Protest is in the air, when I first set foot at virtual Ameland, it was clean empty and tranquil. There was only the sea the wind and the sands, I remember the absolute silence (the Atmo sound-boxes with the rustle of the waves had to be placed). Today the gulls fly and we build that specific salty atmosphere that you find at ramshackle harbours and costal zones, all mixed with successful and less successful projects. Various artist, activists, tramps and tourists are now active on Ameland… all imbued with love for this hypothetical “Wadden” domain.

And here we have the NAM planning to drill for gas, right in the centre of our island, this crazy fact hardened our resistance. Some of us want to remove the offshore drilling platform to Terschelling, others prefer a rapid transition to solar power, all these entangled socio-political topics roam through my dreams. Reports from huge up rise in Iran reach us, the waste of fossil fuels like oil, and natural gas, the almost empty cars in traffic jams, the financial crises, the ecological collaps, sea level rise, global warming and so on, and so on.

We where thrown out of paradise and now all this cross-reality mess make my head spin! Shure I´m protesting! A yell from the 80´s chants through my toughts: DROP THE BOMB, DROP THE BOMB, but I want to create an utopian paradise on our server so please keep the power supply steady and let us all stream.

Demonstration in Teheran / Iran


Virtual protest



today I got some fine support, wolk Writer and Brit Zenoba joined in for half an hour. The stream continues and every day more people get involved. This might even be the start of a massive virtual protest!


At the Ministry



This morning I had an official meeting at the Ministry of Virtual Matters. Here I met up with Han Reve and dzjengis Parx two very capable officials. We discussed the troubling combination of subsidence and the sea level rise. These long term processes make me feel very uneasy! As a island inhabitant I am in the uncomfortable position to get a front row seat.

I got the impression they shared my views.


Do´s Exploratory



since the discovery of Ameland in Secondlife I got acquainted with Dr. Do Whybrow PhD, a resident scientist studying virtual domains. Like in the old days art & science are closely related in her approach to ontological and philosophical findings. This spring she developed a special set of lenses to zoom-in so to speak and to filter the matter that makes virtual Ameland tick.

I put up a barrack for her as a place for contemplation, restoration and research. She is also a blogger in a vivid visual style, you find some examples of her observations at the Exploratory





Today I had to act! I no longer accept the hush hush and wheeling and dealing between the politicians and governance on Ameland… I did something unwise I took side in this tricky matter.


Against gas-drilling on Ameland! Against gas-drilling on Ameland! I hope my scant is heard… Against gas-drilling on Ameland, from now on I wear my protest sign and I shall stand at the beach and defend my beautiful island.

For the Dutch readers visit Persbureau Ameland

Miniature Ameland III



The thing with Secondlife is that it´s extremely dynamic. On May 18th I stood on a bright green shore, letting my little sheep graze, even reflect on the idea of a happy miniature shepherd to go with them, playing his flute in the long warm evening.

Today I got mail from Hannes Breda that he had to move Miniature Ameland to a “better” spot… And look what I found there, my whole lush, fertile island turned into a bare rock!