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landscapes II

haglet on litter box island


again Caspar David Friedrich. Saw some amazing paintings of Friedrich when we visited the Hermitage Saint Petersburg early this month. For the up coming Art Month Ameland I prepare a “Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer” action called In A Landscape. Rebecca Rozen made me a beautiful walking-stick and Wouter Collas scripted the pose, carefully observing the reproduction from Wikipedia .

So… in the near future we may expect to find haglet on cliffs and highlands, skimming the various Secondlife universes, in search for a suitable location for his lonely deed of enacting. Tonight he paid a visit to Litter Box Island and tested his competency on a small elevation. The landscape over there is dominated by empty highway´s and an Atlantic Wall with all sorts of fortifications facing the sea, but it was peaceful and quiet when haglet stood there and collected his observations.


At the Ministry



This morning I had an official meeting at the Ministry of Virtual Matters. Here I met up with Han Reve and dzjengis Parx two very capable officials. We discussed the troubling combination of subsidence and the sea level rise. These long term processes make me feel very uneasy! As a island inhabitant I am in the uncomfortable position to get a front row seat.

I got the impression they shared my views.


Do´s Exploratory



since the discovery of Ameland in Secondlife I got acquainted with Dr. Do Whybrow PhD, a resident scientist studying virtual domains. Like in the old days art & science are closely related in her approach to ontological and philosophical findings. This spring she developed a special set of lenses to zoom-in so to speak and to filter the matter that makes virtual Ameland tick.

I put up a barrack for her as a place for contemplation, restoration and research. She is also a blogger in a vivid visual style, you find some examples of her observations at the Exploratory





Virtual sight seeing is a hobby of mine. Tonight I went from Herman Bergson´s dunes simulator to Hannes Breda´s new coasts of Terrazo. Hannes did a good job with broad flowing waves and bumpy sea shores, salty spay´s and breakers all over the place… anyway it makes me think about Caspar David Friedrich, in some way it has a heroic touch.


Poeme Electronique



Last night Joja Dhara TPed me to the Poeme Electronique Celebration at Philips Island.  First a historic presentation to provide some backgrounds, secondly the opening of the virtual replica of the Le Corbusier’s Philips Pavilion at the 1958 Brussels World Fair and finally a round table discussion on how the Poème Électronique can inspire us to co-create the future.

Unfortunately I missed the last part of the program and I dear hope Joja and the remaining visitors had a more inspiring encounter than I did. Due to technical probs of all kind I dropped into a confusing chopped-up performance with a photo stream that shifted to the next picture on the precise moment of  rezzing. So I couldn’t pick up the talk of Kees Tazelaar in the roaring noise, saw one or two photographs amongst numerous blurred screens and went into a completely mute model of the Le Corbusier’s pavilion.

Maybe I should have turned on my media earlier, because when I did I truly saw a short fragment of the original animations and film sequences on the wall above the audience. Strangely enough I did not hear a single tone or stroke or whatsoever to get a hint of the original music by Edgard Varèse. The pavilion was planned as a “total environment” meant to result in a complex multimedia experience, for me this was a frustrating kick off and I dit not want to spoil the discussion with my negativity… afterall this Philips inititiative is ambitious and deary and should be a model of how industry could link up people in a new way, grouped around inspiring concepts instead off lausy fast food, what a bloody shame!

Here is an instructive short introduction to the Philips Pavilion at the 1958 Brussels World Fair and the virtual reconstruction at the VEP project.