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The drilling



The offshore drilling platform in the North Sea in the vicinity of Ameland. Day and night drilling for natural gas, risking subsidence and loss of inter tidal area.



Solidarity exhibition



Already another high light in our recent virtual anti-GAS campaign. The Amsterdam based 3D artist Friep Wilbers established a temporary protest exhibition at the village-sandbox of Schoondamme.

Ohh my god! Schoondamme of all places, the most immaculate Dutch sim you can imagine, always tidy always clean cut, just waiting until the businessmen and marketeers come back to Secondlife (which is not going to happen). Why Schoondamme… well maybe just because all the Dutch visitors are walking around alienated and amazed by the boredom dripping from the clean facades. Maybe Schoondamme Netherlands is just the ideal spot to fit in the model of a sleeping island on the verge of being washed away by the sea.

Maybe that’s why we need sims like Schoondamme after all, it gives us a feeling of vertigo.


At the Ministry



This morning I had an official meeting at the Ministry of Virtual Matters. Here I met up with Han Reve and dzjengis Parx two very capable officials. We discussed the troubling combination of subsidence and the sea level rise. These long term processes make me feel very uneasy! As a island inhabitant I am in the uncomfortable position to get a front row seat.

I got the impression they shared my views.


Do´s Exploratory



since the discovery of Ameland in Secondlife I got acquainted with Dr. Do Whybrow PhD, a resident scientist studying virtual domains. Like in the old days art & science are closely related in her approach to ontological and philosophical findings. This spring she developed a special set of lenses to zoom-in so to speak and to filter the matter that makes virtual Ameland tick.

I put up a barrack for her as a place for contemplation, restoration and research. She is also a blogger in a vivid visual style, you find some examples of her observations at the Exploratory


Miniature Ameland III



The thing with Secondlife is that it´s extremely dynamic. On May 18th I stood on a bright green shore, letting my little sheep graze, even reflect on the idea of a happy miniature shepherd to go with them, playing his flute in the long warm evening.

Today I got mail from Hannes Breda that he had to move Miniature Ameland to a “better” spot… And look what I found there, my whole lush, fertile island turned into a bare rock!


Birding II



here you see how Dr. Do Whybrow and I approached the Great Northern Diver (Gavia immer) at Ameland, to get some details straigt about the mould paterns visible in this bird. There was a litle discussion about the  exact status, but we soon came to the conclusion that it was without doubt an adult bird in summer plumage.




There are several recent sightings of a female Luzon Water-redstart  (Rhyacornis bicolor) at Do´s Exploratory on Ameland. The bird is not shy and is often heard singing from the top of a Black Lace Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) who happens to grow there.

Dr. Do whybrow herself made a beautiful sketch of the site and confirmed the determination. This is the first sighting of this rare vagant on the island.

visit Picasa for the report