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Do´s Exploratory



since the discovery of Ameland in Secondlife I got acquainted with Dr. Do Whybrow PhD, a resident scientist studying virtual domains. Like in the old days art & science are closely related in her approach to ontological and philosophical findings. This spring she developed a special set of lenses to zoom-in so to speak and to filter the matter that makes virtual Ameland tick.

I put up a barrack for her as a place for contemplation, restoration and research. She is also a blogger in a vivid visual style, you find some examples of her observations at the Exploratory



Creation destruction II

scene from 4Jetpacks4


Last night I had a chat with Evo Szuyuan. She just finished 4Jetpacks4 a machinima production she did with The Virtual Art Initiative. Again we meet people in a apocaliptic setting, scientists demonstrate a new technique called “organic transmutation”. And again death and destruction falls upon them all… This is not realy my cup of thea, but look how this little movie was made, the details, the movement of the camera and the way distortion, thunder storms and atmospheric effects are applied.

Ok suddenly Ameland feels a bit to clean a bit to tidy. See for yourself and grab your Jetpacks




There are several recent sightings of a female Luzon Water-redstart  (Rhyacornis bicolor) at Do´s Exploratory on Ameland. The bird is not shy and is often heard singing from the top of a Black Lace Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) who happens to grow there.

Dr. Do whybrow herself made a beautiful sketch of the site and confirmed the determination. This is the first sighting of this rare vagant on the island.

visit Picasa for the report