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Creation destruction II

scene from 4Jetpacks4


Last night I had a chat with Evo Szuyuan. She just finished 4Jetpacks4 a machinima production she did with The Virtual Art Initiative. Again we meet people in a apocaliptic setting, scientists demonstrate a new technique called “organic transmutation”. And again death and destruction falls upon them all… This is not realy my cup of thea, but look how this little movie was made, the details, the movement of the camera and the way distortion, thunder storms and atmospheric effects are applied.

Ok suddenly Ameland feels a bit to clean a bit to tidy. See for yourself and grab your Jetpacks


Living archive

at the beach

at the beach


The great thing of working on Ameland for so many years is that all shifts in all… the place and it’s specific scenery the colors & shades connects everything you do. Ameland in Secondlife brings together al those wonderfull moments like an open and living archive.

At the beach Ookoi, Hars Hefferman and Frans Peterman, playing their 2525 music at the beach.